YOu might be wondering...

What is this stuff?

Binx Ceramics are made of the same stuff as pottery.  We use an earthenware clay that is hand sculpted, painted with underglaze pigments, fired, glazed with a crystal coat glass glaze, then fired again.  We fire at cone 04, which is a low firing clay.  

What do people do with this stuff?

If you have to ask, you don't want it.

But it's so small. Why isn't it $5?

We know, they're tiny, but small is actually more difficult.  Each piece has a 13 part process involving 3 sets of hands.  The more details and limbs on a piece, the longer it took.  

Can I request a custom order?

The demand for specific animals and pets is so high, I can't possibly meet it.  To continue to enjoy myself as an artist and not be stressed when I work, I have to decline requests.   I promise to keep trying new things, but they have to be in their own time.

Can I reserve an item or place an order?

Simply, no.  To be fair to all of my customers, both online and my loyal local friends, I will offer a selection of items in online pop-ups and also at shows.  When they are gone, they are gone.  If something sells out, I am definitely interested in making it again.  So the best plan is to keep looking at my social media and you'll see what animals etc. are coming up next.

Is this a real business, or will you steal my credit card info?

My online shop through this website is hosted by, which has all the appropriate features in place to ensure safe purchasing for you.  We take Square and Paypal and shipping is free.

Can I put these outside?

Technically, you can.  Just bring them in before the weather hits freezing.  Some people like to put them in fairy gardens.  I personally wouldn't, but that's because I work really hard on them, and as much as I like squirrels, I don't want them stealing my artwork.

Shipping? Returns?

Shipping is always free, and always happens on Mondays - just like dread.  LOL.  Currently we only ship to the U.S.  Everything comes giftable and cute with surprises and delights and wrapped within an inch of its life.

No returns or refunds unless I somehow really blew it and your stuff arrives broken or doesn't arrive at all.  

Are these for kids?

Though playful in appearance, these are for grown people who like cute and silly things.  Some kids are great about having breakable collectibles and taking care of them.  Just know that they can break and have sharp, glass edges.  

What are the marks on the bottom?

I glaze the bottom of my pieces, and they balance on metal pins, or stilts, in the kiln.  I like having a finished bottom despite the small stilt marks.  It keeps moisture from absorbing into the piece.  In addition, you may notice other blemishes - the pieces are handmade and largely imperfect.  We've decided to be okay with that.

Where is your studio, and do you teach classes?

I work at my kitchen table in my jammies while watching streaming sitcoms.  So... no.  

Who are you, anyway?

I'm Karen.  I do this and also work as an academic admin.  I'm mouthy, middle aged, and I love bunnies, the beach, and food that comes on tortillas.  Diane is our painter and glazer extraordinaire.  She likes a good Netflix series, baking, and perfect fluffy white clouds.  Ron, our General Manager, is just as much trouble as you might think.